The Commission's Functions

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara Act 2006 (Act 654) outlines the following provisions on to the Commission's functions:

To advise the Minister on all matters in relation to the national policy objectives of water supply and sewerage services laws and to implement and promote the national policy objectives;
To implement and enforce the water supply and sewerage services laws and to consider and recommend reforms to the water supply and sewerage services laws;
To ensure the productivity of the water supply and sewerage services industry and the monitoring of operators compliance with stipulated standards, contractual obligations and relevant laws and guidelines;
To increase concerted efforts towards improving the operational efficiency of the industry in particular the reduction of non-revenue water through short-term, medium-term and long-term programmes;
To ensure the national development goals pertaining to coverage, supply and access to water supply and sewerage services are achieved;
To ensure long-term sustainability of quality of water and sewerage services through continued capital works development;
To formulate and implement a plan to ensureĀ all reasonable demands for sewerage services are satisfied and in consultation with the relevant authorities, prepare a sewerage catchment plan formulating the policy and general proposals in respect of the development of any new sewerage system and measures for improvement of any existing sewerage system;
To carry out any function conferred upon it under any other law; and
To advise Minister generally on matters relating to water supply and sewerage services.